There is no need to build

Hart, the local council, is required to build 1,000 new houses in the area between now and 2031. Of this number, we believe they have successfully found sites for 450 by using sensible strategies such as building on brownfield sites i.e. sites with existing development. There are alternative brownfield sites that could accommodate the remaining 550 houses without needing to destroy the open countryside.

Potential increase in traffic of over 200% on A287

The RGP report, commissioned as part of this proposal, estimates that the main road servicing this area, the A287, would see a dramatic increase in traffic. This would undoubtedly impact the quality of life for local residents as the road is already extremely busy carrying traffic from the surrounding towns to and from the M3. Excess traffic would spill into the local villages of Odiham, Crondall, Dogmersfield and Long Sutton.

no local infrastructure

There are no mains gas or no mains sewerage on the proposed site. There is no drainage; in fact, parts of it has flooded twice in the last 5 years. Beyond this, there is limited public transport and limited amenities. The local infrastructure supports a handful of small villages that would be crippled by such development. 

schools are at capacity

The proposal outlines the building of a nursery. While new investment in educating our children is always welcome, there seems to be gross oversight. All of the local primary and secondary schools are at capacity. If the local schools were able to take on additional pupils it would be at the expense of classroom sizes and to the detriment of the education of existing pupils.

preserving rural beauty and wildlife

The proposed development at Little Rye Farm, which like its neighbour Roke Farm, sits firmly in between the villages of Odiham and Crondall. Both of these farms are important because they form a natural barrier to village creep which cannot be underestimated. Their very position helps to preserve the natural beauty of the area and its wildlife. With the inevitable rise of urbanisation that a growing population brings, our rural areas need to be protected and cherished.